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Our move to the area from eastern Massachusetts was precipitated by a job change for my husband.   I enjoy the local lifestyle and homespun character of the area! 

I serve as an Elder for the Hector Presbyterian Church and as a board member for Community Progress, Inc. which is located in Corning, NY.   In my free time I knit, cook, garden, and spend time with my golden retriever, Penny. My husband and I have two young adult children.

I have learned...

I have learned over the years, while working with a variety of businesses and organizations, that a plan is only as valuable as the quality of it's implementation.  I know that there are many things that contribute to how well we meet our goals – both in the near and long term.  Whether it is clarifying a vision, managing time, setting priorities, or managing everything involved with day- to-day operations, there are always ways to improve what we do. I’ve compiled material related to these issues, and more, and am delighted to share those insights with my clients so they may be more successful in their endeavors.

​​​I have experienced...

My experience with managing, supervising, coordinating, and collaborating with others in a variety of professional settings has allowed me to develop a set of ideas that I feel are critical for successful outcomes.  These ideas offer an important backdrop for anyone who wants to be successful in today’s ever changing world. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston University and a Master's Degree in Human Development from Harvard Graduate School of Education.  I have worked in the areas of project coordination, training, technical assistance, and independent consultation largely for not-for-profit organizations.

strategic management and management consulting and strategic thinking

I have lived...

I have lived in the beautiful Schuyler County, NY, since 1997. Currently in Hector on the shores of beautiful Seneca Lake. 

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