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Linking Strategy to Results

Strategic Management

When you begin a new project, there are many unanticipated details.  We use precious time and energy looking for a way to make things easier.  Looking closer rather than further can work to your advantage.  

We often have the temptation to take on new projects rather than manage ongoing events.  What is the best way to manage new opportunities and ideas?

Use your personal power to influence the decisions of others so your ideas are used rather that sitting on the sidelines.

When things are in a state of flux, it can be very difficult to figure out what steps to take next.  How can you make a potentially overwhelming situation more manageable?

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Maybe you know that you need to shift direction but don’t know where to begin.  Venturing into new territory is an adventure but can be successful if you keep a few key steps in mind.

Maintaining community involvement has become more of a challenge in recent years.  Learn what you can do to maintain the important work of these critical organizations.

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I bet you have a plan for your business, your organization, your life.  But sometimes the plan doesn’t work quite the way you anticipated.  What factors stand in your way?

Knowing your assets and have them work to your advantage is essential to achieving success.  Introverts quietly absorb information.  You can maximize the benefits of being quiet by making a few adjustments.

Sound leadership doesn’t happen automatically.  It often takes more than we realize but taking steps to lead in an effective manner will offer rewards to ourselves and others. 

We can’t always accomplish everything we’d like.  Focusing on the one thing we really want is important.  What steps can you take to ensure that you meet that important goal?