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Strategic Management

Not Enough Time?

Revitalizing Your Service Organization

Changing direction, charting a new course, or just living our day-to day lives takes time to visualize, plan, and implement. Finding much needed time is a challenge. There is often more to do than we feel we can get accomplished; feeling overwhelmed becomes the norm and a sense of discouragement and failure can set in.

Rethinking your strategy will put you miles ahead of yourself; you will have a renewed sense of accomplishment and will find yourself happier, more positive, and with a better sense of control.

You might have an idea, a product, or a service that you want others to know about.   You believe in what you do and want to share the wealth, the benefits, and the joy of what you have to offer.   You try to let others know, but whatever you do doesn't seem to be enough. There are operational issues to deal with, an ever changing landscape of media options, and you feel caught in the middle of trying to figure out which way to turn.

Others are promoting themselves and it always seems to look easy. How can you find the time and energy to make it happen? ​​

The most important part of your organization is your staff.

Engaged employees bring so much more to the work place, the customers' experience of your company, and the health and vibrancy of your business. Yet sometimes, your people have lost their way. It becomes a job, with the vacation being more important than the work. 

Turning your organization into a vital and healthy work place can be challenging. Often that health and vitality begins with you. But do you have the time to even think about the staff? Are you all busy running without stopping to reflect? In this workshop Helene helps you to see ways of bringing your employees into the team again and re-enthuse each other to make this business more than just a job. She can also help you to see what is going really well and to build on your current successes.

Taking the time when you feel too busy can often make the difference in the team you are working with.

Revitalizing You & Your Organization

Managing Change

Getting the Word Out!

It seems that change is the norm in everything we do.   Things seem to be constantly in motion and what you are doing one minute may be done differently the next time. Changes can be expected or unexpected but each presents a certain amount of shock value and requires adjustment to our routines.

We can choose to change situations that may not be easy to see or admit; it may be related to a lifestyle change or meeting a personal goal. When change is needed we may feel confused, stressed, worried, or even stuck while trying to meet our goals. Items may stay on our "To Do" list for a long time and our sense of accomplishment may wane. We know that things need to change but we're unable to move forward.  

Understanding the change process, and the most effective ways to react, is critical to moving forward.

There are times, for one reason or another, that we need to adjust our direction or maybe change it altogether. It may be due to changing circumstances or maybe it's a personal decision.   You want to innovate and create a new path or maybe you need to shift direction and don't know where to begin.

 Venturing into unknown territory can be challenging, even if our gut instinct tells us that's where we should go. Embarking on a new path is an adventure. It means putting aside our comfort zone in order to plan and make room for something new. The decision is never easy.

Need help getting ready?

Work with Helene and Chaika Unlimited ​​to...

Turn your Dreams into Goals. Your Goals into Reality.

Service organizations play an important role in our society. They raise funds for important initiatives, provide person power for activities, and offer a sense of camaraderie. Maintaining community involvement has become more of a challenge in recent years; increased demands of the workplace, busy lifestyles, and greater need has made getting volunteer work accomplished more challenging. We also face generational differences in how things are accomplished, more outlets to distribute information, and increased effort to get people engaged.   The combination of factors can be exhausting for those invested in maintaining the important work of the organizations.

It is worth the effort to take pause during the year and reflect on how things are going. 

Choosing a Direction?

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