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Work with me:

I offer several convenient formats for working with those who want discover new ways to meet their goals.

  Individual consultations are available via telephone or Skype.   I am happy to meet in-person for those who live in the Schuyler County area.   I offer a one-hour meeting with a written follow-up that includes ideas for action steps. Price is $125. Additional time, if requested, is $75 hour.

 Small group meetings. This is suitable for organizations or members of organizations facing similar challenges. Preferably, this is an in-person meeting that is about 2 ½ hours in length.   We will discuss the issues at hand beforehand so that relevant resources are available. Follow-up includes a written summary of action steps.

Price is $250-$350 depending on travel time & distance.

Why hire me?

There are lots of things we can do for ourselves. There is a difference in what you can accomplish by yourself and what you can achieve with guidance and perspective. There are many options out there and it is important to work with someone with broad knowledge and sensitivity to individual styles; so you are best able to prioritize what you need to accomplish in order to carve a meaningful path toward reaching your goal.

In addition to individual work, Helene offers workshops. She offers several workshops that focus on topics that are relevant and important for those that are working to get a plan implemented.  She also offers workshops that can help you deal with the personal aspects of business change and growth. Finally there is a workshop specifically designed for businesses who want to stay with what they have but want to acheive a re-inspiring growth from within the organization.

 Workshops are designed for groups of 10-25 individuals. They include a presentation of relevant material, small group activities, and written materials. Price is available upon request.

  • Are things going the way you'd like?  
  • Are you realizing the intentions you set out to accomplish?
  • Do you have goals, unfinished projects, or dreams that you're not able to finalize?
  • Are there things stand in the way of what you want to accomplish?
  • Do You may realize what those obstacles are?
  • What steps have you taken to eliminate the roadblocks?
  • Have those steps been successful?

Linking Strategy to Results

Ask Yourself...

Strategic Management

Why I do what I do:

The truth is, I love creative and innovative ideas.   I love seeing things run smoothly where glitches and obstacles are met with a positive approach to problem solving. I view thinking outside of the box as a good thing whether it is developing a new idea or exploring changes within a current course of action.  

Recognizing a new idea is fun and exciting but sustaining that initial excitement can be a real challenge. I think that good planning is extremely helpful to meeting goals. More than that, though, I believe that how that plan is implemented is critical.   Developing a workable strategy to stay energized is important.

No idea is too dumb to consider but half finished plans and unrealized dreams are. I can help you make your idea a reality.

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